Theme parks can be a lot of fun, whether you are an employee or a guest. However, there are some well known risks that can cause illness or injury.

  •         Theme parks require a lot of walking, and sometimes that means being exposed to temperatures, rain,              snow, or lightning.
  •         Theme parks also involve a lot of heavy machinery and moving parts, which pose a risk of malfunction.
  •         Most theme parks have concessions or restaurants, which pose certain risks to workers, such as slipping          and falling, heat or burn injuries, or repetitive motion injuries.

One of the factors of working in a theme park that is not often discussed is what happens if a theme park worker is injured by a guest? What if a guest caused you to trip and fall? Or perhaps a guest became physically violent? What can you do?

What can Theme Park Workers Do?

If you were injured by a guest while working at a theme park, the best course of action is to contact an attorney. Theme park workers are often contractors, which means that you might not qualify for standard workers’ compensation benefits.

Theme park owners are required to maintain a safe working environment for everyone who works there or visits. For workers, that includes having adequate lighting and security to ensure that workers are not vulnerable to negligent or criminal behavior.

If you are suffering an injury caused by a theme park guest, contact The Law Office of Dennis R. Fusi & Associates to find out what your options are for benefits or other financial recovery.