Thousands of personal injury cases are reported every month in the state of California. Most arise when one party injures another due to failure to act with reasonable care in a given situation. All personal injury cases are unique and vary depending on the circumstances. In these cases, it is impossible to predict the benefits of a personal injury claim.

But it is important to be clear that although each personal injury claim is unique, there are some common aspects to all of them that plaintiffs need to understand. For people who live in California, the personal injury statutes are pretty straightforward. Regardless of whether the person faces a substantial medical bill after a car accident or just the purchase of minor medications, understanding what negligence is is essential.

Negligence is the lack of reasonable care in a specific situation or time. In other words, a person acted without regard for the welfare of others, either voluntarily or by accident. When accidents or personal injuries happen, the plaintiff and their lawyer will have to do everything possible to prove the negligence on the part of the other person and how it caused the accident. For this, the lawyer will have to demonstrate with evidence the fault of the other person.

Comparative negligence refers to situations in which the plaintiffs are partially responsible for causing the damages claimed. For example, this frequently happens in auto accident claims. In these cases, the plaintiff can claim compensation for the damages but partial or corresponding to the percentage of the fault of each party. In some states, there is a specific percentage limit of compensation that can be claimed, but in California, there is no limit.

These terms can seem confusing, especially when applied to a case. For this reason, we invite you to seek the help of an experienced personal injury compensation attorney. Our team is 100% capable of representing you to get the compensation you or your family members deserve.

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