Over the past few decades, women have increasingly joined the ranks of their male peers in jobs that are historically male-dominated. One of the best examples is the construction industry. In recent years, the number of women in the construction industry has increased, though there is still a tremendous gender gap overall. Currently, women make up only a small part of the construction industry workforce. Consider the following:

  • Women comprise 10.3% of the construction workforce

86.7% are in office positions

2.5% are tradespeople

  • 13% of construction companies are owned by women
  • Women make up only 7.5% of construction managers
  • 16% of construction companies have women in top-level roles
  • On the front lines of construction, there is one woman for every 100 workers
  • The construction industry is only taking advantage of 1.25% of the workforce

Obstacles Women Face in the Construction Industry

In an industry that is so male-dominated, it may not be surprising to find that women face numerous obstacles when entering the industry or advancing. Some of the most common obstacles that women face include:

  • Discrimination – 60% of discrimination victims in the construction industry are women.
  • Pay Gap – 43% of construction organizations do not actively monitor their pay schedules for gender pay gaps.
  • Advancement – 73% of women in construction feel that they have been overlooked for advancement due to their gender.
  • Exclusion – 8 out of 10 women feel that they are left out, or excluded, at social events.
  • Role Models – 47% of women report that they have never worked with a female manager.

These statistics certainly suggest that there is room for improving how women in the construction industry are treated.

Resources for Women in Construction

Some organizations are working toward a more fair and equitable construction industry. There are several resources for women that offer guidance and support as they enter the construction industry or seek to advance. These resources include:

  • National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)
  • Women Construction Owners & Executives USA
  • Women in Operations

These organizations offer guidance for helping women be empowered, be properly trained, and understand their legal rights.  

Source: https://www.bigrentz.com/blog/women-construction