The United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the most popular package delivery companies in the world. UPS has 495,000 employees worldwide, and serves more than 220 countries and territories. The backbone of UPS is delivery drivers. In 2019, drivers delivered more than 5.5 billion packages.

Several years ago, UPS realized that they needed a better training program for young drivers. With the help of a $1.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, UPS conducted a study of how young people learn best, such as through smart phones and video games. The results of that study led to the development of UPS Integrad – a “high-tech, next-generation” training facility.

What is UPS Integrad?

UPS Integrad is a technology-rich training facility that offers 3-D simulations, traditional classroom instructions, webcasts, and even a replica city. The system is designed to train drivers in real-life and hands-on situations. The replica city is equipped with streets, signs, sidewalks, and both commercial and residential delivery sites.

UPS Integrad facilities are large complexes, featuring 12,000 square foot classrooms and 25,000 square foot outdoor learning space. There are 11 separate learning stations designed to tackle specific areas, including:

  •         Safe work methods
  •         Save driving
  •         Customer service
  •         Use of the handheld computer (DIAD – Delivery Information Acquisition Device)
  •         Proper package selection
  •         UPS history

Since the UPS Integrad program began in 2007, more than 12,766 drivers have been trained. To meet the training needs of UPS employees across the country, there are 10 UPS Integrad sites around the U.S., including:

  •         Atlanta, GA
  •         Dallas, TX
  •         Columbus, OH
  •         Franklin Park, IL
  •         Landover, MD
  •         Lake Mary, FL
  •         Menlo Park, CA
  •         Portland, OR
  •         Phoenix, AZ
  •         West Boylston, MA

UPS Integrad facilities were so successful after opening, that now there are training options for on-road supervisors as well as drivers. This training helps supervisors observe and demonstrate skills first in a controlled environment, and then on the road. Supervisors who complete the Managing Performance for On-Road Supervisors program earn eight college credits through Thomas Edison University.