If you work in California, it is important that you understand the state’s workers’ compensation system and how it could apply to you if you are injured on the job. You should also know how to file a claim and ensure your rights are protected.

That’s why The Law Offices of Dennis R. Fusi & Associates is here to help. Look at our answers to some of the top questions that injured workers ask us about workers’ compensation.

Top Questions about Workers’ Compensation Answered

Q: What is workers’ compensation?

A: Workers’ compensation is a system designed to protect you and help compensate you for injury-related costs. Your employer pays a premium for workers’ compensation insurance, and your employer’s insurance company pays your benefits.

Q: What injuries does workers’ compensation cover?

A: Workers’ compensation covers any injury or illness that you suffer because of your job. This could be accident-related, an injury that developed over time (repetitive use), or illness due to your work environment.

Q: What should I do if I was hurt on the job?

A: After an on-the-job accident or injury, you should report what happened immediately to your supervisor. Note the date, time, location, and circumstances of the accident and injury. If your injury or illness developed over time, you should report it as soon as a diagnosis is made.

Q: What if the accident was my fault?

A: Workers’ compensation will often provide coverage for injuries, regardless of fault. A few instances are not covered, such as a self-inflicted injury or an injury resulting from intoxication.

Q: Can I see my own doctor?

A: Your employer may recommend a doctor based on their insurance company. Some workers’ compensation insurance policies require employees to be seen by a doctor covered by the policy. Talk to your employer and find out if you can see a doctor of your choice or if you are covered to get a second opinion.

Q: What kind of benefits can I receive with workers’ compensation?

A: Workers’ compensation provides benefits for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Ongoing care costs
  • Funeral expenses

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