In response to what many call the “fatal four” technology now offers ways to keep construction workers safe on the job.

The fatal four is a list of the four types of accidents that cause the most fatal injuries among construction workers. These are:

  •         Falls
  •         Electrocution
  •         Being struck by an object
  •         Being stuck between objects

Because these accidents and fatalities are well known, it is not surprising that technology is being developed to help reduce them. Construction technology to keep workers safe includes:

  •         Exoskeleton – Exoskeletons can be both powered or unpowered, and can help workers lift heavy items without straining. They can also balance weight and muscle strain.
  •         Virtual Reality – Large construction companies are using virtual reality safety training programs to help workers place themselves in situations and respond.
  •         Wearables – Wearable safety technology includes safety vests and hard hats that are equipped with sensors, GPS, and solar power.
  •         Site Sensors – Site sensors are an important technology for construction sites that may contain asbestos or other toxic substances. Mounted in various areas of the site, the sensors measure air quality and inform workers if exposure limits are reached.
  •         Drones – Drones are an inexpensive way to monitor construction sites from above. Drones can help identify risks and monitor workers to ensure they are safe.

By using these technologies, construction sites and workers could be safer, and injuries and fatalities could be reduced. It is up to employers to make sure that safety measures are in place and being followed.