Catastrophic Injury

For over 35 years, the Law Offices of Dennis R. Fusi, PLC has been representing victims of catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths in a range of personal injury matters. Our skilled attorneys obtain excellent results and devise creative case strategies for our clients, who include many Spanish and Korean speakers in need of legal representation. We are also skilled at reviewing medical records and working with expert medical professionals. We understand the complicated medical facts that form the foundation of catastrophic personal injury claims.

Personal Injury Claims
In California, a personal injury claim may exist if a person has suffered harm due to the negligence, recklessness, or wrongful acts of another. Personal injury claims commonly arise out of automobile accidents, trucking and commercial vehicle accidents, and pedestrian, bicycle, and rollerblade accidents. Injuries also may occur at work; however, these claims are likely covered by California’s workers’ compensation system. Please see our workers’ compensation page for more information about these claims. No matter how or where you were injured, our goal is to help you receive proper compensation.

Personal injury victims may recover for both economic and non-economic damages they have suffered. Economic damages include past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, and any other monetary expenses the person incurred because of the injury. Non-economic damages include recovery for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Catastrophic Injuries

Sometimes personal injury claims involve injuries that are serious and life altering. These cases can be extremely complex and require an attorney with a thorough understanding of the underlying medical and legal issues involved. Our attorneys are experienced with handling personal injury claims involving these and other serious injuries:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury - Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur when a sudden physical impact or shaking damages the brain. TBIs range from minor concussions to hemorrhages to injuries causing permanent vegetative state or coma. Common causes of TBI include vehicle accidents, falls, and sports injuries.
  • Spinal Cord Injury - Spinal cord injury (SCI) can occur when traumatic force tears or bruises the spinal cord. Severe SCIs result in loss of feeling and functionality of the limbs, and in some cases, acute respiratory and breathing problems. The most serious SCIs may lead to paralysis. SCIs often require constant care and treatment, which many families cannot afford; our attorneys can help you obtain legal damages to pay for these costs.
  • Severe Burns - Severe burns are among the most painful and debilitating injuries that a person can sustain. Treatment for severe burns often involves extended hospital stays, rehabilitation, and reconstructive surgery. If you or a loved one has suffered severe burns as the result of another's negligence or wrongful act, we will work with you to evaluate your case, bringing in experts if necessary who can accurately assess your current and future amages.

Seek Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or someone in your family has suffered a serious injury, it is important to speak with experienced lawyers as soon as possible, as California has strict time limits for bringing these claims. The Law Offices of Dennis R. Fusi & Associates, PLC has significant experience handling catastrophic personal injury claims, and provides responsive and compassionate representation. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. Se habla español.

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