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Based in Lakewood, The Law Offices of Dennis R. Fusi & Associates, PLC represents clients in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California in workers’ compensation, immigration, and personal injury matters. In all cases, our multilingual attorneys and staff strive to provide exceptional service and achieve the best possible results for our clients. Please contact our offices if you have a legal concern regarding:

Workers' Compensation

We have extensive experience helping workers receive fair and proper compensation for their injuries. In order to ensure that employees are protected when they suffer a work-related injury or medical condition, California’s workers’ compensation system requires employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance coverage or become self-insured. Such insurance enables employers to pay for injured workers’ medical expenses and other benefits, such as disability and death benefits. Even if you are an undocumented worker or paid in cash, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you are hurt on the job. Please see our workers’ compensation page and our workers’ compensation FAQ page for information about your rights and making a claim.

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Immigration Law

In the course of helping undocumented workers receive workers’ compensation benefits, immigration issues often arise. We aim to provide comprehensive representation, assisting our clients with naturalization, citizenship, and green card issues as well as workers’ compensation claims. We have also obtained family-based, employment-based, and investor-based visas on behalf of our clients, frequently representing Spanish and Korean speakers throughout Southern California. Please see our immigration law page for more information about this important area of our practice.

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Expungement refers to the process whereby a criminal record is isolated and extracted so that it is no longer publicly available. We assist clients with expungement of non-violent felonies, increasing the likelihood that they may obtain visas to work and stay in the United States. Although attorneys and judges in the criminal courts often advise defendants that the charges to which they plead guilty can be, or will be, expunged, there is no automatic expungement in California. At The Law Offices of Dennis R. Fusi & Associates, PLC, we can help you assess your record, determine your eligibility for expungement, and file the relevant petitions on your behalf. Please see our expungements page for more information about the process.

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Automobile Accidents

A car accident is always a troubling event, often involving serious injury. In some cases, expensive medical bills and even permanent disability can result. You should never have to suffer the personal and financial burden of injuries caused by another person's negligent or reckless driving. Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting auto accident victims, approaching each client's matter with compassion and a commitment to reaching a favorable resolution. Please see our automobile accidents page and our personal injury FAQ page for specific information about your rights and options after being involved in a car accident.

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Truck & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The risk of catastrophic injury and death are great when an accident involves a truck or large commercial vehicle. Furthermore, determinations of liability are often complex, as the involvement of interstate trucking companies may trigger the application of federal motor vehicle laws. Our experience with trucking accidents enables us to navigate the intricate network of personal injury and wrongful death laws, as well as state and federal trucking regulations. To learn more about these claims, visit our truck & commercial vehicle accidents page.

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Bus & Metrolink Accidents

To save money and avoid dealing with traffic, Southern Californians are increasingly using public transportation to commute to and from work everyday and conduct other travel. With more riders, additional buses and Metrolink trains have been put into operation, thus increasing the likelihood of accidents. Due to the size and capacity of these buses and trains, large numbers of people may be seriously or fatally injured should an accident occur. We possess the knowledge and legal skill to handle these potentially complex claims. For additional information about causes of accidents, please see our bus & Metrolink accidents page.

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Pedestrian, Bicycle & Rollerblade Accidents

Too often drivers of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles fail to watch out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and rollerbladers with whom they share the road. Resulting accidents can cause serious injuries, and sometimes death, as a person on foot or bicycle is relatively unprotected compared to a person in an enclosed vehicle. Our attorneys have experience handling these claims, addressing our clients concerns with compassion, while aggressively seeking compensation on their behalf. Please see our pedestrian, bicycle & rollerblade accidents page for further information.

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Premises Liability / Slip & Fall Accidents

Property owners have a duty to make their property safe by repairing known dangers or warning others of such dangers in order to prevent foreseeable injuries. If a property owner breaches this duty, he or she may be found negligent and may be held liable for resulting injuries. Please see our page explaining premises liability and slip and fall accidents for more information about these claims.

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Dog Bites

Suffering a dog bite can be a frightening and life impacting experience, both physically and emotionally. Small children are especially vulnerable to attacks due to their small size and limited capacity to appreciate that some animals may be dangerous. We can help you hold the dog’s owner accountable for your or your child’s injuries resulting from a dog bite. Please see our dog bites page for further information about the frequency of attacks and your rights as a victim.

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Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can be difficult to quantify monetarily because of the amount of pain, suffering, and emotional trauma involved, however our attorneys can help you obtain the greatest recovery possible for your injuries. Our offices are experienced in all areas of catastrophic injury, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), and severe burns. Our catastrophic injuries page provides additional information about these injuries and claims.

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Wrongful Death

When an accident results in the death of a loved one, our attorneys possess the expertise and compassion necessary to handle all aspects of a wrongful death case, allowing families to focus on making an emotional recovery. Please see our wrongful death page for more information about these claims, which may result in both economic and noneconomic damages.

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