It’s officially holiday season, and with Christmas just around the corner, drivers can expect to see more traffic than usual. In fact, the period between December 23rdand January 1stis the busiest time of yeat, with more than 107 million people traveling away from home. Around 90 percent of those travelers will be on the road.

Before you head out on your holiday adventures, take some time to prepare by considering these holiday driving tips to keep you and your family safe.

Check your Vehicle – Twice.

Before hitting the road, check over your vehicle to ensure all lights are operational, tires are properly inflated, filters and fluids are changed, and there are no recalls. If you are traveling to a much colder location, make sure your vehicle is prepared for the change in weather.

Plan Your Route

Plan your route before you leave. Check major roadways for any indication of roadwork, and make sure you have alternate routes on standby.

Pack an Emergency Kit

If you are traveling more than a few miles away from home, it is a good idea to pack an emergency kit for your car. This kit should include a flashlight, batteries, dry snacks, bottled water, blankets, a tool kit, first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher.

Avoid Fatigue

When traveling a long distance, you naturally want to arrive as soon as possible. It is important, however, to make sure that you arrive safely. That means planning ahead for breaks. Leave early so you can rest if needed and arrive on time. If you are driving over multiple days, make sure to secure accommodations for a good night’s sleep.